Brand Equity, business and finance homework help

Brand Equity, business and finance homework help

label each question with the answer

Brand Equity
1. What is your opinion of the brand equity for REI and its competitive positioning in the marketplace?
2. What competitive factors are in play for REI?

Trends Impacting the Sales Profession
.1. Describe three relevant current or future trends you envision, and describe how you think each trend will impact the sales profession.

Segway Sales Assessment
Consider the Segway company in the context of distribution and sales. Answer the following questions in your initial posting:
Identify and assess Segway’s chosen distribution channels and methods. Is it the best choice, or what would you recommend?
How would you organize and manage the sales staff at Segway to best reach its target markets?
What do you see as the biggest challenges and opportunities for sales at Segway?

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