Biology; Fossils and the geological timescale

Write two essays in separate paragraph one paragraph for each 8-10 sentence don’t need extra information
just answer to the point
B) To understand how organisms are related to each other, we use a variation of tools at our disposal. Using
fossils and the geological timescale is one of the ways to do so. So is comparative anatomy. Is a bird’s and a
bat’s wings an analogous or homologous structure? Why? We also compare vertebrate embryos to see how
similar organisms are when they are developing. Name 2 structures found in all vertebrate embryos. We also
use molecular evidence to back our relationship understanding between the two organisms. What is
Cytochrome C? Why is it important to sequence it?
C) We did an in-depth review of the cardiovascular system. Name 2 of its main components and what do they
do. What is the function of the pericardium? We have valves in heart. What do they do? Name two of them.
Arteries and veins both carry blood, what is the difference between them? The cardiac cycle is a sequence of
events that occurs within one complete heartbeat. What’s the difference between the systole and diastole

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