BEng (Honors) Mechatronics Virtual Instrumentation

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To develop student’s ability to understand the concepts of Virtual Instrumentation and to understand the relationship between Virtual Instrumentation and Real Time Instrumentation.

Task (s):

Task 1 (Lab Assignment):

(The Task 1 is considered for 20% weightage overall)

An Industry based Process Instrumentation and control problem should be identified by the students and need to develop Instrumentation using Lab VIEW and NI max programming. The design of the Instrumentation is based on software based Instrumentation concept in order to automate the selected process The student is required to select and develop using the following tools in Lab VIEW. 1. Loops and Charts 2. Arrays, Graphs and Clusters 3. Case and Sequence structures 4. Sub Vis 5. Data Acquisition and Data analysis using charts and statistical tools Each student is required to select a unique industrial Problem and take approval from the module tutor prior to start of the CW. Submit the report on the Industrial problem, Virtual Instrumentation using various tools and Data analysis using Lab VIEW software. The report must contains the following task as shown in the marking scheme:

Task 2 (Lab Test)

(The Task 1 is considered for 20% weightage overall)

Students should undergo a Lab test which will be done to check the student’s ability in Lab VIEW programming. In this Lab Test, A programming problem will be given by the tutor and students should solve using his programming knowledge in Lab VIEW. The test will be conducted at automation Laboratory. The Lab test will be marked as per the following marking scheme

Component Description Total Marks Weightage 1 Accuracy and output of Lab VIEW programming 80 16% 2 Viva voce 20 4% Total 20%

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