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Please review the attachment and expand it. The professor stated it lack substance and details around discussing how will you market,will there be security, discuss the security and liability issue.

Please review and edit the paper and add additional requested above and discuss educational resources (pamphlets/flyers) on how this mobile van will be marketed to the community, where will you market. Discuss about social platform (be very specific and detailed how how you will market and the platforms used). Also discuss networking with area clinics ( be specific) for referrals and how we will bring in referrals and why people would want to use the behavioral health van and discuss the security used to protect the van and the cost of it (how the health system will cover the security) and lastly , discuss the security and liability issues. Need this to be implemented in the paper attached. The professor stated the paper was not good and missing important details such as the stuff above. To answer the information above and implement in the attached paper just need 3 pages

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