Before you read the story, please review the questions below…

Before you read the story, please review the questions below. The questions will guide you to help you understand, analyze, and interpret the short story.

The story is told from the point of view of an unnamed narrator
In what ways is the narrator a spectator?
In what ways is this also the narrator’s story?
What is the significance of the title? Provide at least two ways to understand the title.
Sonny’s Blues” was published in 1958. In what ways do you recognize this as a story written more than fifty years ago? In what ways is the story timeless?
In the interview of Baldwin, you learned that Baldwin was influenced by painters. He was also influenced by other writers, including Dostoyevsky and Balzac. These writers taught him that as a writer, “you have to make the reader see it” (from interview in The Paris Review). Analyze a passage in the story where Baldwin enables you to see something, perhaps something you had never seen before.
come up with a question.   

Then, in your initial discussion post, consider in depth at least two of the questions posed. You may also raise questions you have about the speech and include your own responses to it.
Note: If a question has more than one part (more than one question), you do not have to answer every one of them.
Story URL:
Initial post (250 plus words):
These responses will be graded and thus must be carefully considered and well crafted. Students will be evaluated on both the content of their responses and the grammar of the postings. Students must employ proper spelling, correct capitalization, and complete sentences. Each post should be three paragraphs or more in length. Students will also be required to respond to other students in the class.
*Tip – compose your responses in a word processing program such as Word first; then save this file to your computer or USB flash drive. Finally, copy and paste the text into the message area of the discussion board. This way if there is an interruption in your internet connection, you will not lose any work.
Running head: JAMES BALDWIN1 James Baldwin’s“Sonny’s Blues”NameInstitutionLecturerDate  JAMES BALDWIN2James Baldwin’s“Sonny’s Blues1.The unnamed narrator in the story is a…

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