Because it is a common approach today in the field, a resear…

Because it is a common approach today in the field, a research paper specific to Motivational Interviewing is beneficial. Regardless of the theories and approaches that resonate best with you, it is helpful to have a good understanding of MI. Submit a Word document addressing the following:A brief history of MI (who developed it, when, based on what, etc.)The goals of MIHow the stages of change model (Prochaska) fits into MIApproaches, techniques, skills used by those employing MI (this is not meant to be exhaustive, 3-4 detailed examples would be sufficient)A brief critique of MI (strengths and limitations)This paper needs to be at least 2 full pages of content to be eligible for full credit, as well as including a minimum of 3 reputable/academic sources (your textbook can be one of them). As this is a research paper, and not a reflection paper, there should be a focus on conveying the information gleaned from sources, as evidenced by in-text citations. Some possible sources can be found with SAMHSA (such as TIP 35) and the MINT Library. You may also want to use Google Scholar or our Library database to search for journal articles about MI or the stages of change. Be sure to pay attention to the difference between primary and secondary sources in your research. Plagiarism Free Papers
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