Bar assingment

Bar assingment

1. Develope a theme for your bar and name it appropriately. Tell me what the specific theme is

2. Develope 3each craft cocktails. cocktails must have a minimum of 4 ingredients. Can include more than 1 spirit/cordial etc and should have appropriate garnish. (should be themed if possible). What type of glass will you be using for each cocktail?

3. Once you have developed the cocktail. You must make a standardized recipe card with each ingredient. cost out the recipe and show how much each cocktail costs. *on the recipe card have “how many” drinks the recipe makes i.e. long island ice tea = 3.44 drinks. And you know your bar tender will need instructions on how to mix the cocktail!! I will also need to see how much you will charge for the beverage. Page 152 in your book will remind you how to cost a standardized recipe.

4Bottle prices (well brands)  rum 12.50, vodka 11.50, whiskey 13.00, bourbon 14.00, tequila 14.00, gin 13.50, (call brands $ 18.95)   You can make up a price within reason for liquor not shown, mixers and garnish “use common sense” and or grocery store prices for things like pineapple juice, tomato juice, beer etc

5. When you opened for the first week you total sales amount to $ 2,000.00 Your bar is only open Thursday, Friday,Saturday. Average out the cost of your 3 beverages (just for this exercise to make it reasonable). Tell me what your Beverage Cost of sale is. (remember cost/sales = BC%)

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