Bahla Fort

Bahla Fort

I already wrote a summary for this essay and my teacher confirmed it which is about heritage management plan of Bahla Fort in Oman, I will upload it I wrote 561 words so you need to include same information in the summary on the essay that you will write and I already got 6 resources but you need to look for 4 more and based on what is in the summary you need to write.
I had a discussion today with my teacher and she suggested that to fill those questions in the essay because it is not clear in the summary

who are the stakeholders of bahla fort

– Who is responsible for bahla fort

– What is the UNESCO doing

– My main plan: increasing the tourists or what is exactly my plan

– Why do I wrote that There should be personnel who understand earthen structure what is it to me? (PS: you can put your own plan based on that)

– Talk about possible threats that I mentioned (disasters and weather)
– And I should include when will ill let my visitors to come and visit bahla fort I told him only during summer because during winter and rainy seasons the bricks starts to fall and destroy.

– What is the relationship or what does UNESCO do to Bahla fort?

– Awareness promoting bahla fort nationally or internationally

– Preservation mechanism

I will upload a PDF which you can see the full instructions for this essay.
Please use easy English and you can use or copy and paste same information in the summary (even if you wanted to copy and paste a full paragraph)


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