iot cloud vulnerabilities related to cyber security in health sector 2

I need an introduction talking about Current health care and expected future of health care when using IOT & AI with technology
literature review
First section: talking about associated risk like data, connectivity, and vulnerability of hardware for example nowadays they are having a new computer with a process chip or nano chips on the humans body that might heat or have batteries in them what risks will be associated to that?
second section: Data different dimensions
– Subsections of data:
1) Data transmission – From human body to device and from device to data storage
2) Data Storage
3) Data redundancy (duplication)
4) Data Accuracy
5) Data transparency
6) Data Privacy
Third section: Connectivity:
5G and new technologies how is it expanding and what will happen in future for security of communication channel
Fourth section: Vulnerability of hardware
1) if its process heating example battery
2) if the device can be hacked
3) security of data or data protection
Fifth section: Cost
From health sector (public and private) side and from the patient side for example who is going to pay for the devices and their maintenance
is going to be quantitative this is a suggestion to get more information on how the methodology is needed
Research Design : Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches / J.W. Creswell.
Book Depository Handbook of Mixed Methods in Social & Behavioral Research : Abbas
I need a survey at least 3 question for each section and subsection (survey) with reference to what paper where these question have been formulated.
Research Results and Discussions
Finally Conclusion and future works
Note: You can add images and figures if applicable with reference
citation is important at least after 2 sentences
kindly include all references
Finally, I need to to have a contribution related to this topic.
Attached is also a template to follow kindly note:
– I need the journals and a presentation related to this topic.
– Reference must ONLY be from journal articles published in well publishers’ databases; IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, and Taylor & Francis. and recent from year 2017 least old.
After the paper is done I need a presentation representing the paper
The deliverable are:
1) Paper following the attached template
2) Survey
3) Presentation
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