Audience Analysis

Now that you have surveyed your audience, you will summarize the information gathered via the audience survey and explain how you intend to use the information in developing your Problem, Solution, and Barriers Paper as well as your Town Hall Meeting Speech.


Summarize the information gathered via the audience analysis survey and explain how you intend to use the information to develop your speech.  You do not need to include results for every survey item; rather, you should focus on the 5-6items that directly relate to your speech.1.Interpret the Survey Results (Online DiscussionPosts)

Section 1 (2-3paragraphs)oIn 250-300words, describe what meaning you interpret from the 4-6 survey items you selected. What did you learn about your audience? When you refer to an item/question from the survey, use Q rather than question.  For example, question 2 would be Q2

.Section 2 (2-4paragraphs)oIn 300-350words, interpret your results in relation to one theory or model you have learned about in class.  Make sure you understand the difference between a theory/model and other course concepts.oDiscusseverycomponentof that theory/model.Clearly demonstrate that you know how to apply the theory/modelto your message based on your survey results.


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