Assignment information:1. To create a new E-commerce busines…

Assignment information:
1. To create a new E-commerce business, which is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which include the followings:
a. Introduction about your business.
b. Product and type of services
c. Business statement.
d. Business vision.
e. Business objective
2. To explain your business E-commerce processes.
3. To apply a SWOT analysis to your business.
4. Building the E-commerce website.
a. How it will look likes in terms of design and format (draft).
5. Student is required to explain its E-commerce system functionality, such as:
a. The product menu will show all the product we have in stoke.
b. The contact button will have all the company contact details, social media linksFacebook, Instagram, etc.
I need to answer first 5 question only in the attached file.

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