Assignment: Creating an At-Risk Program Resources: 8 of Mult…

Assignment: Creating an At-Risk ProgramResources: Ch. 8 of Multicultural Education and Appendix E.Imagine that you have been asked to serve on the advisory board for a new, alternative school program in your school district. The advisory board must specify the factors that will be considered in determining which students qualify for the program and they must create a plan that can be presented to the school board for approval and potential implementation at the beginning of the school year two years from now. Create a plan for identifying potential students for the new at-risk program by completing the following points: Consider the following question in your plan: Because you do not have the resources to serve an entire at-risk population, how will you focus your resources to create the greatest impact for your community? Use at least three sources, other than the text, to support your plan. Cite your sources according to APA guidelines. Construct either a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper or a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with presenter’s notes, addressing each of the following questions in your plan: § What part of the at-risk population will the program serve?§ How will students be identified for the program?§ How will the program address the needs of the students? § What additional social resources are available in the community that can be utilized for greater success? § What are the potential positive impacts for the district, students, and community?§ What are the necessary steps for implementing the program? Refer to Appendix E for directions and tips on building a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. If you choose to do the presentation, your title slide and reference slides do not count toward the final slide count, and it is recommended that you do two to three slides per topic. Use APA guidelines to format your paper, if you select to write a paper.

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