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HA4120D – Management of Continuum Care ServicesAssignment 02: Caregiving InterviewsDirectionsThis project requires you to interview three different individuals involved in long term care. It is an important activity and time intensive.A. Begin this assignment with an introductory overview of the different types of caregivers, their roles, and the availability of payment (if any) from third-party sources, such as insurance, for these caregivers’ services.B. Interview the following three types of people:? A care recipient.? A caregiver who is not being paid (family member or friend of the care recipient).? A professional who provides care to people with long-term illnesses (ranging from physicians to in-home assistants).Note: Interviewing people who are part of the same dyad is not necessary. If a care recipient/caregiver pair is interviewed, each person should be interviewed alone so that answers are individual.These interviews can be completed in person, over the phone, email, Instant Messaging, etc. However, it?s best if you can actually speak to the person.C. Use the following sets of questions for your interviews: Questions for Person Receiving Care, Questions for In-Home Caregiver, Questions for Professional Provider.D. Conclude the project with a critique answering the following questions, and taking into account all of the segments of the continuum of care studied to-date:? Is the client receiving the care he/she needs?? Are the caregivers able to provide the care needed? Why or why not?? Is another level of care needed? Why or why not?? What have you learned about the existing system of long-term care?Long-Term Care–Vitalsource Bookself-u[emailÿprotected]#magicMAN61
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