As Public Health professionals, and taking under considerati…

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Isn’t it likely that instructors and mentors in the health professions will pass along their biases to the next generation of care providers, thereby perpetuating unequal treatment?” (Tobin-Tyler & Teitelbaum, 2019, p. 23).BackgroundAs Public Health professionals, and taking under consideration that biases extend beyond race, discuss in a short paper explain how implicit biases and discrimination could be a factor and how we, as health professionals can break this cycle of unequal treatment. Begin with describing an experience or citing an example from a scenario where unequal treatment took place.Paper Guidelines:Word count is 550 – 650 (not including reference list)Refer to the grading rubric and adhere to the Guidelines for this assignment.Besides your textbook, use other references from the library offers online services!)Use APA 7th Edition for formatting as required in the social sciences in writing and reference list.Cite sources within the body of your paper using APA format.Include a Reference list at the end of your paperUse Grammarly (FREE!), as an option for reviewing grammar, spelling and more for writing assistanceWrite in Third Person (for info see this Wiki: How to Write in Third Person)Requirements: 550 words or more. Plagiarism Free Papers
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