Arguing position paper | English homework help

Minimum Word Count: 1600
Maximum Word Count: 2000 
Use a minimum of 5 sources:
Sources may be either primary or secondary. One must be a peer-reviewed source. You may use tertiary sources, but they will not count toward your five (5) required sources. You may not use Wikipedia as a source 
Margins: 1”
Font: 12-point Courier New or New Times Roman
Name, date, class section in upper left-hand corner of 1st page.
No cover sheets, please!
Using one of the techniques outlined in class and gleaned from the reading, write a 6 to 8 page position paper.  You will use reasoned argument to justify your position on your topic.
Your paper should:
     *Identify the issue or issues
     *Establish a clear position
     *Use a strong, refined thesis and central argument
*Use secondary and primary sources to support your argument
     *Avoid asserting opinion without qualification
*Use logical transitions to guide the reader from thesis to conclusion
     *Demonstrate competence with MLA format
     *Incorporate information from sources into an essay
     *Correctly format an MLA works cited page
     *Practice research techniques and using library databases
     *Organize an essay coherently using emphatic order

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