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Appalachian Mountains

You will select a region around the globe that interests you and create a power-point presentation on the Physical Geography of that region. Each student must select a different location.

Your presentation will be worth 100 total points and should include the following sections. Please note the minimum number of slides for each section.

1. Introduction (10 points): Should include a brief description of the area you selected and show its location (map). 1 slide minimum.

2. Geomorphology (15 points): Should describe the major landforms (e.g., mountains, volcanoes, soil structure) and include a description of the tectonic activity that led to specific formations of the land. For example, if 2 plates collided to form a chain of mountains in your area, describe/show which plates collided and how the mountains formed. Also include any current activity like active volcanoes, earthquakes, erosion that is shaping the landscape. 2 slide minimum.

3. Climate (15 points): Describe the overall climate of the region. Should include at minimum: climate classification, temperature and precipitation patterns, and seasonality. 2 slide minimum

5. Biology (15 points): Name and describe the biogeographic region for your area (example: tropical rainforest, tropical desert, midlatitude deciduous forest). Describe the dominant vegetation and the wildlife of the region. Also discuss how the dominant life forms are affected by the climate, hydrology and geomorphology. 2 slide minimum

6. Environmental issues (15 points): Include a section on the human and environmental interactions for your region. This will be region specific and can include topics such as urban development, agricultural activities, land degradation, deforestation, invasive species, and climate change. 2 slide minimum

7. Conclusion (10 points): Give a brief summary of the main points about your region. A strong summary will be one slide and include main points from each of the topics covered in your paper. You can also include any other interesting facts about your region. 1 slide minimum

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