Anthropology los angeles zoo visit or online los angeles zoo research

Make sure you read chapter 6 and 7 before you begin this project.  It is also very important that you look through and take notes on Rigby primate taxonomy power points in 1, 2 and 3 before you attempt this.   My power points are full of information and can be used as one of your professional sources.
The purpose of the zoo trip is to see the different types of primates firsthand.  To observe their behavior, social organization, size, etc. and if appropriate, include some of these data into your zoo project. (I list all the primates towards the end of Rigby PrimatePowerPoints 3)
While at the zoo you should observe all the primates, focusing on your category if possible.  Take notes from the labels; scientific and common names, habitats, etc.  Many students bring cameras to take pictures and add the photos to their reports.  I am expecting between five and ten pages of handwritten notes from your zoo visit for the full 100 points. The notes and receipt can be scanned and sent to me or typed into the response page.   Notes must be turned in on the day the primate term paper is due,   Late notes will not be accepted.
Alternative zoo assignment during Covid times.
During the Corona Virus School closure, an alternate assignment would be to visit the Los Angeles zoo website and list the varieties of primates currently at this facility (I list all the primates towards the end of Rigby PrimatePowerPoints 3).  I also give a list of the primates from the Los Angeles Zoo at the end of Rigby primate taxonomy 3 power points in module 7. Research each of the primates and give some background information on each such as the category of primate, diet, habitat, etc.   Are the varieties a good reflection of the diversity found in primates found on earth today?  How does our zoo compare to other zoos found in the US and worldwide?   This should be between five and ten pages long.

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