annotated bibliography 398

Having previously considered some best practices in strategic HRM, continue conducting research on strategic HRM practices based on your evaluation of your chosen organization from the Application Assignments in Weeks 3 and 4. HRM practices might include, to name a few: training or succession planning that is aligned with an appropriate job design, recruitment and selection activities focused on acquiring HR talent, motivating or increasing employee commitment so that the organization sustains the acquired talent pool, or encouraging learning and providing opportunities for development.

For example, consider an organization whose focus is on achieving a competitive advantage through quality. HR practices might focus on recruitment and selection to identify people who are more likely to understand and embrace the organization’s desire to deliver quality and high levels of customer satisfaction. Training will focus on customer care, and rewards might be structured toward measuring and rewarding high levels of customer service to ensure quality.

During the next two weeks, you will create a detailed report that expands upon your previous research and supports your recommendations of best practices for the organization to adopt in order to meet its HR and organizational strategies. Your research will be completed over a two-week timeframe, and your final report will be submitted at the end of Week 6.

With this in mind, respond to the following, in a 2- to 3-page paper for this week’s Assignment:

Based on your evaluation in the Weeks 3 and 4 Assignments, compose an annotated bibliography of 10 academic references related to the strategic HRM practice(s) you are recommending for the organization to implement.

The organization that I used is Starbucks. I am attaching weeks 3 and 4 assignments for your reference.


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