Analyze what sort of challenges big life changes might bring…

Order InstructionsDear College Freshman…Imagine being 18 again and walking into your college dorm for the first time. You have just met your roommate and are about to begin this new adventure of beginning your secondary education. While this is certainly an exciting time, it can be filled with many potential stressors. As a college freshman, you are required to adjust rapidly to a new life without the comforts of your home or family.
Analyze what sort of challenges big life changes might bring to mental health.Include each of the following points in your discussion:
I would like you to write a brief letter to a college freshman.In this letter, you will essentially be giving that person advice – not just about joining a social circle, studying or partying – but instead wise words on how to maintain good mental health.Discuss any tips that helped you throughout major transitions in your life.Try to place yourself back in their shoes and try to express what would have helped your mental health most during that crucial time. Plagiarism Free Papers
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