Aggregate and Details of the Location

Aggregate and Details of the Location










Aggregate Community Windshield Survey



















Aggregate Community Windshield Survey

Aggregate and Details of the Location

The aggregate community of interest is the black population in Tampa, Florida. The total population of African-Americans in Tampa is about 91,700 people out of a total of more than 350,000 people. Whites constitute the majority, making up to 62.9% of the people (World Population Review, 2018). The town has a surface area of about 293.75 Km2 of land, and about 160.06 Km2 of water area (WPR, 2018). Thousands of years ago, indigenous people occupied Tampa Bay for thousands of years. Archeological evidence show that the culture in Safety Harbor emerged way back in 1000 AD (Brown Jr, 2018). Descendants of Tocobaga chiefs used to reside in this region in the 16th century. Tampa and the surrounding regions were the first areas where European settlers laid land claims, and attempted to settle in North America during the Discovery Age (Brown Jr, 2018). Electrification was done in 1887, and the electric street railway system was established in 1890. There was an elaborate bus and railway transport system, and health amenities had already been established by 1890.

The main reason for choosing the Black population for the project is that they are the second-most dominant group of people according to their population, and there are more than three other races such Hispanics and Asians whose population is far much smaller than the Blacks. As such, issues such as racial discrimination will not be expected to have a significant impact on the aggregate’s quality of life and access to good healthcare services. Another reason for selecting this aggregate is that they can be found both in high and low socioeconomic regions of Tampa. It is thus possible to get diverse responses from the population. The houses and homes in Tampa city are in good condition. Old houses are few in number, and are also still in good condition with regards to livability and structural strength. Most of the populations live in state of the art apartments. However, there are regions with low quality houses such as Tampa Bay. The houses are old, and a significant fraction of about 10% of the houses is not in high quality conditions.

There are many parks and recreational areas in Tampa city. The main parks are located almost between the avenues. Some of the most remarkable parks include the Marjorie Park Yacht Basin along Ottawa Beach road. It is a facility that makes contact with the ocean, which makes it an ideal place for swimming. Other parks include but not limited to Port Tampa Park Community Center on McCoy Street, Racoons Creek in Marina Bay, and the Kwane Doster Community Center off Morton Street. The parks and recreational facilities are in good condition and accessible by residents although some private parks charge an entry fee. There is ample space between homes and businesses in most regions of the Town so that families have enough personal space. However, in Tampa Bay, there are regions where houses and businesses are closely built so that the gaps between buildings are not sufficiently spacious. There are fairly many neighborhood hangouts in all different locations. They include more than four libraries, bars and restaurants, opera clubs, and social halls. People can be seen entering into the neighborhood hangouts in groups of two or three people. The bars particularly are frequented by the aggregate population in large numbers.

The transportation networks have been properly planned, with different mediums and forms of transportation. The most common medium of transport is road although other mediums of transportation such as water, air, and railways are also used for transportation (Chowdhury, 2017). Most people move around the city in motor vehicles, but also use bicycles to move about in the estates. Railways transport is mainly used to transport cargo from Port Tampa Bay, although people also use railways to move to different places distant places of the town. There is also high speed rail for pedestrians. Air transport is mainly used to move in and out of the city, and to transport cargo. It is not used as a means of transport within the city. The roads in Tampa are high quality and well-planned. Most of the streets are clean and well-taken care of. There are many street lights that provide sufficient light in most estates. There are sidewalks in most of the streets, and they are all in good conditions. However, there are a few communities in Tampa Bay that do not have properly maintained streets. Some streets in such estates lack sidewalks and are poorly lit.

There are many types of stores and businesses. There are hotels, bars, restaurants, night clubs, retail and wholesale enterprises, electronic stores, and grocery stores, and bookshops. According to my estimations, there are about twenty such businesses within an interval of about 50 meters. Most of the people walking around in the community seem not to be relaxed. The populations in the community reflect a mixture of different races, with whites making up the majority, followed by blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. There are high levels of cleanliness in general, spanning from the environment, people, and the buildings except a few communities in Tampa Bay, where the environment is not very clean. There are billboards in all the streets, and other media displays such as advertisement screens, some of which have distracted drivers in the past (Sisiopiku, 2015). There are many different places of worship. I particularly counted 13 mosques, 25 churches, and one scientology place in all the regions I visited in Tampa city. Finally, there is a high availability of dentist and doctor services, hospitals, recreational facilities, and social centers.



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