Advanced Renewable Energy Systems and Solar Panel Questions

UPenn What Role Does Community and Economic Development Play in Recovery? DiscussionDecember 17, 2020 I. Solar panel to power a submersible pump to pump water to 15 metersabove groundQuestion:What size of solar panel will power what type horsepower submersible pump to pump how muchwater at 15 meters above the ground?First: Explain how solar energy conversion works: solar panel-converter-battery, etc.Second: how to calculate electricity produced by solar panel.Third: how much electricity/power is needed to power a submersible pump? (Note that everysubmersible pump has its power rating specified by the manufacturer)Fourth: Determine pumping rate (how many gallons per minutes depending on the horsepower ofthe submersible pump)Fifth: with that pumping rate (speed), how high above the ground can the water travel)Sixth: Summarize your work and show how it answers the question.  “Are you looking for this answer? We can Help click Order Now”

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