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Using either Excel or Microsoft Word (Not Google Docs), prepare a 2021 Master Budget by completing where applicable for 2020 and then filling in the boxes as applicable for 2021.
In addition, provide a 200-300 word description
(Either within the same document or a separate document such as Word) that specifies

How you determined the 2021 Sales Budget (for each of the two markets) and the assumptions,
How you determined the numbers for all of the costs and expenses budgeted for 2021.

In other words, clearly show how you arrived at all of the numbers that you entered into the 2021 boxes.
If using an Excel document, please make it in an easily printable (watch margin settings, etc.) format.

A completed budget with an appropriately detailed (200-300 word) description of the methodologies
Appropriate elements of the master budget, the input from the key personnel, and course content.
Make sure everything is well written, and readable.
Make sure the numbers are clearly supported and the math is correct.
No spelling, grammar, nor syntax errors, etc.

Your company assembles wire (light-metal) closet shelving units at a manufacturing facility and ships them to home builders and “big box” do-it-yourself chains.
It is October, 2020 and you, the budget manager, just received an e-mail from the CFO, asking you to put together a 2021 budget.
The projected 2020 financial information is below.
Now you need to prepare a 2021 budget by filling in the 2021 boxes below and submitting to the CFO
So what to fill in for 2021? (after completing the 2020 income statement)
For a successful Master Budget, you would seek information and input from your company’s:

Sales Manager
Production Manager
Administration Manager

Budget input from key personnel:
The Sales Manager is in charge of sales of wire shelving in linear feet. She solicits and receive orders from home builders and chain stores
The following is projected sales data for 2020:
190,000 linear feet to the home builders at a sales price of $10 per linear foot.
20,000 linear feet to the chain store market at a sales price of $15 per linear foot.
For 2021, a continued “slump”, “challenge”, etc. in the builders market is expected, so the linear feet sales should decrease slightly.
However, the chain store market is expected to show significant improvement.
Sales prices (what is charged to the customers) per linear foot will remain the same in 2021.
The production manager is in charge of assembly of these units in the assembly facility adjacent to the office.
Production at the company facility is based on the assembly of the shelving by the linear foot.
You assemble what you need to fill orders, since there is no space for unsold inventory
The production manager is also responsible for procurement of the raw materials (metal).
You currently pay at a rate of $3 per linear foot, but your supplier is planning a price increase.
The production manager is also responsible for the assemblers that he directly supervises.
They are paid by production at $2 per linear foot.
The production manager earns an annual salary (which is the entire manufacturing overhead).
That salary is $72,000.
However, the production manager wants a raise next year!
Reminder: direct material and direct labor are both variable costs –
An appropriate budget would be based on expected cost per linear foot x the number of expected linear feet in sales
(based on the input from the sales manager)
The administration manager is in charge of basically everything at your facility except sales and production.
A couple of the issues she is working on include:

Negotiating with the landlord – your lease is up in December and he wants to increase the rent.
Hiring an administrative assistant to help implement the new accounts payable software.

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