A Nation Made of Poetry, writing essay help

In “A Nation Made of Poetry” (Inventing Arguments, p.287) Joannie Fischer writes about the U.S. National Archives and Records Administrations list of 100 milestone documents chronicling the nation’s history from 1776 to 1965.  She argues this list is sadly incomplete; many other documents, works of literature, letters, and more impacted American history as much if not more than the 100 documents on this list.
For this essay, select one work from the United States or a foreign nation which you believe should be in this list or in a similar for a foreign country’s archive (literature, memoirs, song lyrics, movies and so forth are acceptable if approved by instructor) and argue how this particular work has been crucial to shaping a global identity. Your addition to the list or a global list must have been produced between 1900 and 2015.
Your essay must be a minimum of 750 words (put word count on the last page), and focused on ONE work.  Use Fischer’s essay as a model.
On the top is the essay requirement. And I already have my rough draft. Please help me to edit my essay.
1.Editor must know the book called “The famine mystique”.
2. introduction looks too simple, is not the college level. Please and u can change the organization if u want.
3.Help me to change my body paragraph, to make them looks more logically like the article ” A nation Made of Poetry”. 
4.I want my essay more focus on the influence of the book.For example because of this book NOC was organized in `1966. some thing like this. However be specific please.

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