â?¢ Question 14 out of 4 points Which of the following is the BEST way for firms to enhance customer

• Question 14 out of 4 points Which of the following is the BEST way for firms to enhance customer satisfaction? • Question 24 out of 4 points __________ is an entrepreneurial “must.” • Question 30 out of 4 points A __________ is any activity that provides goods and services in an effort to earn a profit. • Question 44 out of 4 points As competition has become truly global, free trade has resulted in __________ prices and __________ quality across virtually every product category. • Question 50 out of 4 points Which of the following statements represents how consumers and workers react to socially responsible behavior by business? • Question 64 out of 4 points Leading edge businesses maintain a competitive advantage by introducing products: • Question 74 out of 4 points The core goal of business is to generate long-term __________by delivering ___________ to their customers. • Question 84 out of 4 points As aging baby boomers retire, companies will: • Question 94 out of 4 points To be successful, entrepreneurs must be comfortable risking their money and __________ to start and manage a business. • Question 104 out of 4 points Lisa is a marketing consultant who is trying to help a regional company design an advertising campaign that will appeal to the local population. Her report should take into account __________ factors such as the age, income, and ethnic composition of the area’s population. • Question 114 out of 4 points During the relationship era, businesses concentrated on: • Question 124 out of 4 points Entrepreneurs participate in __________ business environments. Selected Answer: economic, competitive, technological, social, and globalCorrect Answer: economic, competitive, technological, social, and global• Question 134 out of 4 points All of the following are basic freedoms encouraging entrepreneurship EXCEPT: • Question 144 out of 4 points Business will incur a __________ when expenses are higher than revenue. • Question 154 out of 4 points As life spans increase and birthrates decrease, the working population will decrease while the number of retirees will increase. One example of new business growth reflecting this market might be a(n): • Question 164 out of 4 points A market structure with pure competition has all of the following characteristics EXCEPT: • Question 174 out of 4 points __________ refers to actions that shape the economy by influencing interest rates and the supply of money. • Question 184 out of 4 points When tax revenue is higher than government expenditures, the government incurs a: • Question 194 out of 4 points A basic characteristic of __________ is that both producers and consumers are free to make their own economic decisions on many basic issues. • Question 200 out of 4 points Competition among businesses: • Question 214 out of 4 points __________ refers to government efforts to influence the economy through taxation and spending decisions designed to encourage growth, boost employment, and curb inflation. • Question 220 out of 4 points The debt ceiling is: • Question 234 out of 4 points If low-cost solar power were to become a viable energy source in households across the U.S., what would be the economic impact on energy prices? • Question 244 out of 4 points Why is a low level of inflation desirable in an economy, and why is deflation not desirable? • Question 254 out of 4 points Economics is divided into two core areas of study known as:

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