8 page book report

8 page book report


1. identify the authors purpose (why they wrote the book), method  ( how they collected and analyzed data) and thesis ( the authors central argument). 

2. introduce the actual name of the book and the author within the introduction. 

3. also publisher and the year it was published. For example 

(Cambridge University Press, 2004)

Summary (3 pages) 

1. Break down parts of the books based on the author’s organization.

2. Summarize the parts of the book giving the author’s argument, data, and conclusions.

3. Use concise paragraphs.

4. Cite in text using page numbers after the period. For example (23) 

5. The summary should contain the authors research question, the evidence she or he presents, and their findings. 

Critical analysis

1. Look at your summary and see the data and conclusions that your author has asserted.

2. Challenge the author’s assertion based on data that you have learned. Ask yourself the following questions before writing:

a. is what the author is saying true? why or why not?

b. is there alternative data that challenges the authors assertions? If so, what data?

3. Use information that you have lea

4. avoid i believe or i feel 

5. stick to facts

6. critical analysis should refer back to book point by point. 

conclusion (1/2 page)

1. give a brief and overarching view of the book’s summary and your own findings.

2. state whether the book was consistent with outside evidence. 

Book for book report :

Englebert, Pierre, and Kevin C. Dunn, Inside African Politics, Boulder, CO: Cumbrian Press & Lynne Ripener, 2013


Side note: this is an african politics class. The paper should be on things from the perspective of economy along with politics impact.

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