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Using your textbook, students may select two questions from the end of Chapter Five and select two questions from the end of Chapter Six. Four questions total. Write out the question you are answering from Chapter five and then answer the question.  Repeat process for the other chapter.  Again, you select from the below choices. I will upload 2 posts for other students to respond to them later. Also, take a look at the post instructions and the Discussion Board Instruction and Grading Guideline(1) post have to be 300- 350 words and the response minimum 50 words each  
Chapter 5
17. Suggest some cautions that an individual from a relationship-oriented culture should bear in mind when dealing with someone from an information-oriented culture.
19. Differentiate among the following:
24. Visit Transparency International’s website and check to see how the CPI Index for countries listed in Exhibits 5.4 and 5.6 have changed. After searching TI’s databank, explain why the changes have occurred. The site is found at http://www.transparency.org.
Chapter 6
10. Expropriation is considered a major risk of foreign business. Discuss ways in which this particular type of risk can be minimized somewhat as a result of company activities. Explain how these risks have been minimized by the activities of the U.S. government.  
16. Select a country and analyze it politically from a marketing viewpoint. 
19. You are an executive in a large domestic company with only minor interests in international markets; however, corporate plans call for major global expansion. Visit the home page of Control Risks Group (CRG) at https://www.controlrisks.com. After thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the services offered by CRG, write a brief report to management describing how its services could possibly help with your global expansion.
20. Visit the website http://www.politicalresources.net/ and select the Political Site of the Week. Write a brief political analysis highlighting potential problem

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