340 WK5 response2

340 WK5 response2

Besides the passion needed for a movement to be created there are definitely a few things that build into that passion, turning someone towards activism, and finally becoming an activist.

   Childhood conditions and community play a decisive roll in creating an activist. This could be based on a number of situations, as depicted in Okolloh’s (TED Talks, 2017) biography her family was very poor, and in South Africa status is a very important force when trying to have anything go your way as depicted with the struggle of getting into certain schools, down to the affordability of a certain pill that if her father could have been able to afford, he would have survived a lot longer with that health condition he had, but because of that status, he died a lot earlier then expected. Community’s in south Africa are a depiction of one extreme to the other, and the differentiation between them is distinct because if you are from a certain social class, either royal or not, you feel it.

     When we talk Childhood and community and mix in abstract thinking and learning through education and of course curiosity for change, a person begins to research and study and figure out what it is that can improve their community or pave the way for a brighter tomorrow through helping fight a certain cause and this is where the Activist and Activism meet. Some causes may start out small and turn into a huge movement that effects powers of government such as the Wijsen sisters did with the Government of Bali and their plastic bag movement as they explained it (TED Talks, 2015) and has led to an island movement which is spreading further and further.

    Although I describe these types of movements as pretty easy, they are not so simple. As far as the materials that we have discussed and their stories, these are examples of positive activist people and groups, there are of course negative ones as well that play a big part in trust, some of the worst are of political nature. There are many roadblocks to change, and if your an activist that is your whole purpose to create change. The biggest roadblock to change is a failure to want to change, or that of being to comfortable or even to helpless. For change to occur through activism, it takes an open mind, open hearts and active reasoning for it to occur and when those people your trying to inspire either feel like the cause is inherently futile, that the course of action is helpless, or they flat out feel it is not a problem then this poses the greatest threat to Activism and can stop Activist attempts.




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