340 WK5 response1

340 WK5 response1

Activism has become a key role in our society. It is a way for those to express their feelings, for those to express their want for change and their disagreement on subjects that tend to touch a wrong nerve.  Not all activism is point at some sort of political issue or being used for some form of political gain. “Read, check out documentaries, listen to podcasts on your way to work — whatever you can do to learn the most that you can about your cause will only help to make you a better activist by giving you the knowledge you need to educate others and ignite change.”( So You Want to Be an Activist?, 2014). The most important part, I believe, would be to understand what someone is going against and why they feel this way. Understanding a cause and why people feel so passionate towards it can prove if there is political goals behind it, or if it is a movement for change.

Activism geared towards health and environment are important movements, as they are important for change, and important to improve the environment, not just for certain regions or areas but for the entirety of the human population as a whole. There are ways for activism to grow as well, when the cause is important, many organizers take to platforms of social media such as forums, facebook groups and blogs. Other non-online bases can be used as well, such as newspapers, flyers and magazines. “In the past several decades, eco-activism has been getting an increasing amount of attention and agents, as the environmental problem is becoming increasingly urgent to resolve.” (Eco-Activism, n. d.). When it comes to dealing with forms of activism geared at health and the environment, there are groups of people with nothing but concern and understanding for the world that we live in and the need to sustain it and care for it as well as for others. There are people all over the world in need of assistance to improve their natural environment and surroundings. By having activist movements to improve these conditions, there is word getting out bringing in more help to improve quality of life for many people. 

Activism is more than something used for political purposes, it’s something being used to save lives. 


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