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As we continue to grow and advance as a country we must look into ways to help conserve and protect the natural resources that we have. One of the biggest detriments to this is the disposal of e-waste or electronic waste. E-waste classified as, “collection of personal and commercial electronic equipment that has reached the end of life.” (Dale, 2015) This collection of items can be; cell phones, laptops, microwaves, and refrigerators. 

Currently, the United States does not have any laws on the books requiring any recycling of electronics for individuals or businesses. Some states such as California have elected to adopt their litigation on e-waste disposal. In California, “anyone purchasing a monitor pays a recycling fee that funds e-waste removal. (Martin & Harris, 2014) The pros to e-waste reuse are the health benefits to humans, animals and the environment. We can stop harmful chemicals from leaking into the ground by ensuring proper collection of these products. One of the major cons of e-waste reuse is that the cost outweighs the benefits from a financial standpoint. The article Electronic Waste: A Growing Concern in Today’s Environment states, “not much revenue can be created from the recovery of the materials making it more costly.” (Bhutta, Omar, & Yang, 2011) Unfortunately, because of this, any major corporation would not consider venturing into e-waste reusing as there would be a minimal benefit for them.

Individuals can assist with bringing about change by holding rallies or petitioning their local governmentto create legislation to address the e-waste reusing policies or lack thereof in some states. 


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