306 WK2 DB1 RES2 discussion

306 WK2 DB1 RES2 discussion

Nationalism is the idea that one’s identity is created by the region in which they live. It can be associated with Patriotism because the Nationalist should be proud of their own country. According to Kramer (2011), nationalism involves loyalty to a particular nation as well. He writes: “Modern people encounter stories about their nations in almost every sphere of their political, social, and economic activities- from election campaigns and tax payments to professional training, military training, and family relationships” (p. 7). He continues that children are taught at an early age about nationalism because when they learn about different cultures, they are described as “personal or group identities”. After World War I, many people were not able to provide a great sense of nationalism because territories were split in Europe. These people were no longer a part of the nation they used to be. For example, when the Austrian-Hungary nation was split, some of those in the North who used to be loyal to Austria and/or Hungary were now considered Czechs. Also, Serbia no longer existed but was changed to Yugoslavia (Woolf, 1995, p. 115). One of the Allied powers, the Soviet Union, expressed its nationalism beginning with Stalin, according to Miner (2003). He writes: “…the defeat of Nazi Germany, he claimed, demonstrated the superiority of the Communist system and the unshakable bonds linking the Soviet peoples” (p. 41). Germany and Russia were both obsessed with Nationalism. They thought that their country was the best.


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