Economic development of Indonesia

The paper should examine the economic development of Indonesia and use the topics(eg. lewis two-sector model, the Harrod-Domar model, Solow model) I provide in the attachments. After examining Indonesia and determining its current development, you should discuss how to increase development in the country. Explain where resources should be provided and the expected development gain. All the points should be supported by evidence and analysis.

the paper should include

1. History and a brief backdrop of Indonesia.

2. Choose an important aspect to discuss and use statistics to explain. Should include the values measured, and the meaning of the statistic. need to analyze the statistics with at least one of the models I mentioned

3. What Indonesia can do to improve the current issue in the aspect you focus on, and what is the expected result base on your research and appropriate examination

Need to discuss and agree with the structure, main topic, and evident to use before you start writing

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