2 pages Pick a professional sports venue ( Not one used for …

2 pages
 Pick a professional sports venue ( Not one used for Spring Training )  in your favorite city and find out:
1.     How was it initially financed- Private , Public, combo in what %
2.     How much did v they give  naming rights – if at all? My favorite , TD Banknorth Garden went from the original Garden to the Fleet Center to pay and put up your nameby the day , to Td Banknorth known as “The Garden”    How does it receive revenue?  Rentals to teams  – % of the door ? Ads? 
3.. Does the state have a “Jock tax”.Explain how the “Jock tax” can help with public financing of stadiums?
4.The “Jock Tax” adds another advantage to states with professional sports teams.  Explain how.
5..     The reason many people do not want Casinos is because of negative externalities. Define negative externalities and and give examples.
6.     What are the advantages to having Spring Training in your town ?
     List all your references. 
material link: https://www.franchisehelp.com/industry-reports/fitness-industry-analysis-2018-cost-trends/

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