1. project management plan including a work break down structure in

The submission is in the form of a   portfolio and a presentation which includes the following   components:
1. Project   management plan including a work break down structure in the form of a Gantt   chart
2. A completed   project Logbook
3. An audio   recording of a performance review
4. A business   case presentation.
The   presentation slides and speaker notes should be submitted in the e-   portfolio. You are required to make effective use of PowerPoint headings,   bullet points and subsections as appropriate. Your research should be   referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide a   bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit   is 3,000 to 3,500 words.
Talent management mostly focuses on   developing and retaining good people to get a success in the organisation,   real success comes when heart and minds of individuals are engaged. Companies   in Qatar need to focus on employing talented work force in order to be   competitive. As a business consultant with Ernst &   Young you have been asked to conduct a research project with companies in   Qatar, on the strategies used to attract and retain talented workforce in the   organisation. Workforce is the actual asset of   companies and will always contribute in self as well overall development of   organization. The fate and future of any company in Qatar lies in the hands   of capable Human resources as companies could perform better when they have   the best talented workforce. Companies in Qatar need to understand talent   management strategies need to be transparent and clearly communicated in the   company. This assignment brings about the strategies used by Qatari companies to attract and retain talented workforce.
Your report should cover the     following sections:
is the introductory chapter. Discuss     the background to the feasibility study and state the aims and objectives.     Produce a comprehensive project management plan covering aspects of cost,     scope, quality, milestone schedule, timescales, communication, risk and     resources; the breakdown of the work structure by producing Gantt Charts     for effective planning and monitoring to achieve the aims & objectives     of the project.
Carry out a small scale research by     applying primary and secondary research methods Secondary research can be     done by reviewing the literature of the topic and try to identify as many     items as possible that are relevant to the topic; “identify how companies attract and retain talented workforce”.     In your literature review you should mention the sources of data collection     i.e. secondary data. You should also collect primary data by applying     appropriate method.
present a detailed research design for the study, discussing     the following – 
1. Critically     evaluate:

project management process 
The reliability and          accuracy of the research methods applied.
The research methodology          applied 

2. Decide     on the appropriate target research sample to get appropriate results.

Analyse the findings and          data using appropriate tools and techniques.
Evaluate the tools and techniques          used to analyse the findings.

· Communicate     the outcomes and use the best method to disseminate your findings from the     primary data and secondary date collected to support and justify your     recommendations and analysis. You must also consider the level or     capability of your target audience to draw valid and meaningful     conclusions.
· Critically     evaluate the strategies used by management to attract and retain talented workforce in organisations and the value of the project     management process to meet the stated objectives. 
Finally, produce     a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation to support the report. 

Reflection of the value gained          from conducting this project and its usefulness for the companies to          attract and retain talented workforce in organisation. 
Reflect on your own project          research process, information gathering and data collection;          objectives and support own learning and performance together with the          deliverables from inception to conclusion, to meet the stated          objectives and support your own learning and performance experience.

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